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Abenteuer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
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Abenteuer in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
Quad, tour, rental, gravel ground, off road, Mecklenburg, Müritz, Fleesensee
Quad, tour, rental, batchelorette, party, rabbit, costume, Mecklenburg, Müritz, Fleesensee, Rostock
Quad, tour, rental, picnic, catering, off road, Mecklenburg, Rostock, Fleesensee, Müritz, team event
Quad, tour, rental, team, event, building, bridge, construction, Mecklenburg, Rostock, Müritz, Fleesensee
We will gladly advice you personally. Phone: 038731/471167, Mobile: 0175/8908998
We offer quad rental nationwide, so the quads can also be delivered for an additional charge. This service is often used to loosen up at a conference, more on this in our QUAD TOUR AS TEAM EVENT section. In the vicinity of Malchow or Göhren Lebbin at lake Fleesensee, for example, there are useful stretches. As a rule, however, all forest paths are barricaded around tourist centers such as Waren at the Müritz. And organizing a quad tour through the Rostock Heath near Rostock would certainly not be a good idea. East of Schwerin, on the other hand, there are again quite usable stretches.
Our location in Lübz in Mecklenburg as a starting point definitely has its advantages, because there is a huge former military training area very close by, which can be accessed at certain points. We actually always pass by on the rustic tours.
If you would like to have a foretaste of the quad-affine "beauties" of our area, have a look at our video. Of course, not every quad tour leads to all the prominent points you see there, but you will certainly recognize some of them during the tour.
Quad biking is only for men is of course an old superstition, women are also welcome.
And if it is more about team building for groups, or you just want to do something really unusual, you can think about whether the quads should be transported over a lake with a self-made wooden raft, for example, or with the help of a cable car to float a river. You can also find out more about this under the heading QUAD TOUR AS A TEAM EVENT.
If you want to practice in a relaxed way first, there are participants without a driver's license, or if, for example, many participants should take turns driving on a company outing, you can also rent our QUAD OFF-ROAD AREA.

You can check for yourself whether quads from our quad rental are available on the date you want under AVAILABLE DATES.

The 4-hour quad tour costs € 109.00 + € 10,00 fuel. You can find other alternatives such as quad rental in our price list, but you can also buy a voucher directly.

At least 4 guests must take part in our quad tours. So if you buy 4 coupons they are their own group. We put fewer people together in groups.

* = additional € 10,00 fuel.
Actually, we assume that you don't need a quad to drive around on asphalt roads and enjoy the beauty of the landscape. But because there are people who see things differently, we offer quad tours in 2 variants:

The rustic quad tour runs as far as possible off-road, away from paved roads, on sometimes really bad forest and field paths. Of course, we are not allowed to simply drive somewhere through the forest, but there are enough cleared forest trails here, some in a catastrophic condition. But because - depending on the weather - the condition of the route can be very different, and of course we also cater to the needs of the participants, there is no fixed route. Because if the participants avoid every small puddle with their quad right from the start, we don't even need to go where the big puddles are. However, so far it has always been the case that all participants felt the need to get their quad and themselves really dirty, even if they might not have known that beforehand. With this quad tour variant, the guide often explains a part of the route and then drives afterwards himself. So every guest has the opportunity to drive as fast (or slowly) as they want. This kind of quad tours also requires that the guests think for themselves and are aware of their responsibility. If desired, it can also be set up so that a certain team member (e.g. at a bachelorette party) sinks into the mud somewhere with his quad. For these rustic quad tours, however, we also use quads, which you can tell that they have already been through a lot. Due to the constant shaking, something breaks on the go, but it can almost always be repaired immediately. But every now and then a quad is left lying around on these tours.

The alternative is the pleasure quad tour. The process is the same as that of our competitors. These tours run on small roads and partly on good forest and field paths and the guide drives ahead. But the quads are also in good condition.

The only thing that is always the same is that every tour begins with a briefing, and each participant is explained his quad in detail. This briefing takes about half an our, and some drastic examples are used to explain what can go wrong. We have summarized the most important things in our BRIEFING + TECHNOLOGY section. By the way, our quad fleet consists exclusively of quads of the brand SMC with 250ccm and manual transmission. You can really have fun with that. The technology is also explained in the briefing.
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